Return and Payment Policies


The following items are NON-RETURNABLE


Personal Checks need to clear bank routing, Please allow 2 additional weeks, before shipment goes out... We also accept cashier checks and money orders, You also may use PAY PAL. More Info on Specific Items Will Be E-mailed to you in JPEG format,{Or if you need another Format sent to you please inform when you are making your inquirement,} Notice to AOL Members:

We often have difficulties sending large Data Files to AOL,So we may have to crop, or send multiple E-mails to your Server, Please be Forewarned, that some files will take quite a long time do download, Please allow sufficient time to gather the info that you need, Some can be done within a day others may take a week or longer to get the info to you.

We prefer not to fax any images, since the quality can be too dark to comprehend. Prices: Prices are subject to change without notice, Due to the unstable economy. Prices fluctuate constantly, We try to maintain a stable price structure, But is often impossible.If a item has increased from the list on the web page, We will inform you of the current price, at time of ordering.

Some of the prices on this list are the Expected price, at time of ordering. on more than one case the original quote to us is different, Since We place the bulk of our orders for the season in March, and can get items in as late as December of the physical Year. Magic Purchases: Due to the secretive nature of this merchandise, Much of the value lies in the instructions and routines, For this reason. We are unable to accept returns or refunds on such items. Deadlines: Due to the In-store rush that happens in October.

We try to get the orders placed out of the store as soon as possible, There may be a delay in shipment of 3 days from the period of October 10th thru 20th. PLEASE ORDER EARLY We cannot stress the importance of placing your orders early in the season,We cannot be held responsible for delays in shipping due to circumstances beyond our control.{like} Strikes, Acts of God, War, Floods, etc. Special orders: We must have a minimum that some suppliers charge to us, Orders Must be $100.00 or more, There Is a Service Charge of $10.00 On orders under the Minimum, Special Orders are not accepted for under $60.00 {When Placing your order, Ask if in-stock or a Special Order Item} Some items Will be Drop-Shipped to you from the closest Warehouse.


Return Goods: During October We do not accept returns on merchandise.{off season, reasonable returns are allowed}

There is a 25% restocking fee for returned merchandise, The returned Credit will be applied to your account for future purchases, No refunds.

All returns must be in original packaging, And in new condition. We have orders arriving weekly, So it is impossible to make our web page Complete with everything we carry, or Special order for you,So give us a chance to locate what you are looking for. **The effect props are of Film quality and have been used in Hollywood movies. they are in fact shockingly realistic, and may disturb some people. Their Realism is exactly what creates the impact they have in haunted houses and major attractions world wide.

At Shop of Horrors we DO NOT condone violence in any form, our props are intended to exorcise, NOT TO INSPIRE violent acts. the sheer Horror of violence acts as a main deterrent. Still these props are intended for ADULTS. they are not intended for children. **We are a member of the Local Business Community, and have to respect our Local Ordinances, so SOME ITEMS may not be available for sale in other States or Communities, if deemed in-approiate.

***Please use common sense if ordering any Questionable Items*****Some Items will Require a Signature